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The conference theme “Co-creating Sustainable Digital Futures” reflects that addressing the grand challenges of our world require extended and innovative ways of collaboration. We need to cultivate inter-disciplinary and engaged research and education which is oriented towards today’s major societal challenges, such as achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). Digital technologies are central in addressing the SDGs, and several of the SDGs have targets and indicators that relate to access to ICT and the internet. Digital technologies can play a central role to support the provision of social goods such as healthcare, education, and economic income.

However, digitalization can also undermine the aim of sustainability. The production, use and discharge of the involved technologies have detrimental environmental impacts, the digital economy can exacerbate inequalities, and the digital social space may have harmful consequences. This pose demands to both the IS research field, to IS practice and the wider society to resolve how we together can create sustainable digital futures.

In this conference we propose to take stock of the progress towards sustainable digital futures and to stimulate debate on how to reach the SDGs. We intend to both inspire and challenge ourselves as academics by inviting IS practitioners and companies to showcase solutions to sustainability challenges, and to challenge researchers to address core and urgent questions towards sustainable digital futures.