Large crowd listening to speaker
Sandeep Sahay

Sundeep Sahay

Professor, University of Oslo

Title: What role can “hope” play in IS and ICT4D research?

Abstract: In this talk, Professor Sahay will develop the notion of hope, and argue for its relevance to inform IS and ICT4D research and practice. Moving beyond lay meanings of hope, as reflecting a future orientation, often laced with optimism, he will develop a more theoretically informed understanding of hope based on Arjun Appadurai's articulation of the "capacity to aspire". Building on this conceptual apparatus, he will discuss how the concept of hope can be made relevant for IS and ICT4D research, illustrated through empirical experiences from India.

Speaker bio: Prof. Sundeep Sahay has been at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, since 2000. His primary research interests are around the analysis of the relation between technology and development, with a focus on low and middle income countries, particularly India. He has worked extensively in the domain of public health information systems, with a current focus on Antimicrobial Resistance.


Kristian Aarstad Vennemoe

Kristian Aarstad Vennemoe

Managing Director of Smart EO, Å Energi

Speaker bio: Kristian Aarstad Vennemoe is the Managing Director of Smart EO at Å Energi, where his team delivers high quality energy data as a service to enable the green transition. He has a background in management consulting for clients in several countries. His specialties include energy efficiency, proptech, building management, and green solutions. Prior to Å Energi, he founded and led Green Building Solutions, a company that provided next generation energy monitoring technologies.