People listening to talk
The ‘Me-We-All’ approach: cooperative learning for a sustainable future
12 June 2023

In a world where dynamic changes force organisations to be better prepared for unforeseen future(s) a paradigm shift is needed. The current focus on individualistic well-being is to be replaced by a (more) balanced focus on both individualistic and societal perspectives. We must enhance our worldviews to opt for long-term sustainable organisations, improve resilience and adapt to future challenges. The workshop discusses techniques for understanding the role of information (management) and systems to deal with challenges to enable long-term mindful visions in a collaborative setting. The explored approach considers the information management of organisations (We), its members (Me) and the environment in which they operate (All). In this workshop, we intend to adapt our visions for the future in a co-creative setting.

Duration: 4 hours.
The workshop will be open for online participation.

The following topics will be discussed with the participants:

  • Our changing world of challenges, the importance of information, adaptivity and resilience
  • The management of Information by the stakeholders to deal with challenges, the ‘Me-We-All’ approach
  • The Adaptive Cycle of Resilience for managing change and the role of information in the different phases
  • Information management: co-creating tools/operationalisation by ‘Me-We-All’
  • Developing sustainable long-term solutions combining different perspectives : towards a sustainable ecosystem for cooperative learning
  • Round up and Conclusion

After a short introduction of the panel on each topic there will be room for discussion and exploration with the participants.