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AI Chatbots for Sustainable Public Procurement

Join us at the European Conference for Information Systems for a full-day workshop to develop an AI chatbot to promote Sustainable Public Procurement! This workshop is open to onsite participants. It will provide the opportunity to learn about sustainable public procurement and how chatbots can be leveraged to support it.

During the workshop, we will have expert speakers from the industry who will cover topics related to public procurement, AI, ethics, applications of AI chatbots in general and for sustainability in public procurement in specific. We will also explore the components that chatbots should include and demonstrate how to design them (hands-on). After the workshop, you will be able to create, design, and publish your own AI chatbot for sustainability.

This full-day workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about Sustainable Public Procurement and how AI can be leveraged to improve it. We look forward to your participation!