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Data Science for Climate Change
13 June 2023

Join us at the European Conference for Information Systems for a half-day workshop to discuss how to address climate change and the unfolding challenges following the innovative approach of data science where data and analytics algorithms bring new insights! This workshop is open to onsite participants only. It will provide the opportunity to learn more about climate challenges and the related data and algorithms used to address them.

During the workshop, we will have expert speakers from the industry who will cover topics related to climate change, data science, and applications of data science for climate challenges and concerns. We will also explore one of the data science tools where we demonstrate how data could be used to support addressing the associated problems (hands-on).

After the workshop you will be able to address climate change challenges and concerns using data and analytics.

This half-day workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about climate change challenges and concerns, data science, and the blend on both in order to pave the way for innovative approaches to solve compelling societal problems. We look forward to your participation!

The workshop is scheduled for half a day. In order to facilitate interactions as well as the hands-on activity, the participation mode is on-site only. The workshop starts by the introduction of the organizers, panelists, facilitators and participants, follows by describing the overall aim and objectives of the workshop, as well as the expected learning outcomes.

The workshop continues by a panel discussion on climate change and data science where experts in both fields make a short presentation while the participants have an interactive role by asking questions, sharing experiences, etc.

Coffee break will also be included in adjustment with the whole conference program.

When it comes to the hands-on activity, we will demonstrate use cases of data and analytics for addressing climate challenges and concerns. Then, participants will be offered datasets related to a selected climate challenge. Participant will be given access to the necessary software in order to generate insights which could help explore the challenge more in-depth. The workshop follows a reverse brainstorming approach. That is, the participants in groups will identify the digitalization activities that may make climate condition worse. Then after categorization of the identified issues, they co-create ideas for how these issues could be tackled, using data science. The workshop ends by sharing insights from different groups with the rest of the workshop participants.

The workshop is open to everyone interested in data science and climate change, such as information system researchers, practitioners, PhD students, etc.